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  • Autumn Promenade in Burgundy

    Autumn Promenade in Burgundy

    Scented candle

    The opulence of grapes, the lusciousness of ripe fruit, almond and red berries

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    Autumn’s tender cloak drapes over the vines, enveloping them in its golden bronze hues.

    A mellow softness drifts over the countryside, revealing the woodsy and fruity scents of Burgundy.

    The opulence of grapes, the lusciousness of ripe fruit, almond and red berries, a sudden desire to soak up the light – but the horizon vanishes in a gentle mist...

    A robin flutters about while the delicate scents of wet earth and moss permeate the Burgundy soil.

    Presented in a biscuit porcelain jar, this candle will adorn your interior with elegance and create a warm and cosy atmosphere.

    Scented candle.

    The candles are made with high-quality paraffin, undeniably pure and safe. They are non-toxic for humans and the environment.

    In addition to its wax composition, each candle has a lead-free cotton wick, adapted and manually glued to the bottom of the glass. The size of the wick is calculated to optimise its burning in the porcelain jar.


    Appropriately used, the candles have an average burn time of 50 to 60 hours. For the fragrance to be properly diffused, do not let the candle burn for more than 2 consecutive hours. Cut and move the wick back to the centre after each use. Use in well-ventilated areas.

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By Stéphanie M. on  01 Jan. 2021 (Autumn Promenade in Burgundy) :

Bougie  -  Femme  -  Entre 40-50 ans  -  Peau sèche

Bougie dans un écrin très sobre et délicat à l'odeur discrète et douce mais infiniment agréable.