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    Pinot Noir Grand Cru* Body Scrub

    with "Richebourg Grand Cru" grape marc

    Gentle, deep cleansing for your skin.

    45,83 €

    • Tube 200 ml


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    • This body bcrub contains grape marc of the prestigious Pinot Noir Climate "Richebourg Grand Cru".

      It has an oily texture with an outstanding slippery power. It exfoliates in depth the skin and wraps it with softness and well being. According to the skin type, it is used on wet or dry skin.

      After the peeling, emulsify it with a little water, the gel becomes a milk.

      It is easy to rince it.

      0% parabens, 0% phenoxyethanol.


      For an optimal exfoliating effect, use on dry skin.

      Finish off by lathering the exfoliant with some water and watch the oil-gel transform into a lotion texture.

      You can easily rinse it off under shower.

    *Grape seeds and raffles come from Pinot Noir grape marc of the Domaine Mongeard-Mugneret’s prestigious Climate « Richebourg Grand cru »

    This body exfoliant is an oil-gel with an exceptionally slippery texture which naturally exfoliates and envelops the skin in a soft, silky-smooth film.

    Pinot Noir "Richebourg Grand Cru" grape seeds and stalks and sweet particles eliminate dead skin cells and impurities, while the massage relieves tension. 

    The Grand Cru Exfoliant provides a pleasant feeling of relaxation and fills the skin with exquisite notes of luscious, rich red berries. 


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