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“Le Clos”

Chardonnay polyphenols

At the heart of our Bath Cosmetics, a “Le Clos” Chardonnay Vintage extract with anti-oxidant properties.

“Le Clos” Chardonnay vines have benefited from the attentive care and demanding standards of Bernard Bouvier, offering VINÉSIME a raw material of the highest quality and purity of expression.

Certified for its use of organic growing methods, Domaine René Bouvier aims for excellence, allowing us to enjoy the noble essence of this variety.

Our “Bath Cosmetics” wrap the skin in delicious mouth-watering freshness, offering exhilarating notes of white grape with hints of peach, pear and almond, tempered by a gentle woody touch.

« Racines du Temps »

Pinot Noir polyphenols

Certified for its use of organic growing methods, Domaine René Bouvier aims for excellence, offering us the noble essence of its grape varieties.

We have selected very old vines of Pinot Noir from Domaine René Bouvier, dating back over 80 years and located at the very heart of Gevrey-Chambertin. They give rise each year to the Domaine’s flagship vintage named “Racines du Temps” – a subtle balance between strength and finesse.

We thus offer you a vintage-quality Pinot Noir extract with the aim of protecting skin cells, capable of helping limit the effects of oxidative stress and the appearance of visible signs of ageing.

A2OC* Burgundy Complex 

*Anti-Oxidant and Cellular Oxygenator

At the heart of the Spa Cosmetic products lies a unique complex – the A2OC* Burgundy Complex:

VINÉSIME presents its first range of Spa Cosmetics inspired by the “Racines du Temps” Pinot Noir Vintage from Domaine René Bouvier in Gevrey-Chambertin.

Our “Racines du Temps” Pinot Noir extract has been combined with a remarkable Burgundy Blackcurrant bud extract to create an exclusive complex, the A2OC* Burgundy Complex, offering synergistic and beneficial properties for skin that seems fortified, with incomparable radiance and enhanced beauty.

Reflecting the qualities of this celebrated grape variety, our face and body Spa Cosmetics blend finesse and strength to envelop you in a world of softness and ecstasy.

They combine the dark-ruby splendour of Pinot Noir and the depth of Burgundy Blackcurrant, offering an unprecedented experience that will enchant the senses with a symphony of deliciously flamboyant red berries tempered with tenderness.